What is digital signage ?

You must have seen all those big screens in public places such as airports, museums, roadsides, restaurants, shopping malls, retail outlets which shows visuals containing images, videos, news, weather, informations, restaurant menus etc.

These electronic screens, which displays those visuals for information dissemination or advertising are called digital signage.

In another term digital signage is an electronic version of conventional signage which uses LED, LCD digital displays or projections to show visuals and texts in order to advertise or inform viewers.

Digital signages can be of any screen sizes ranging from few inches which you see on back of a bus seats to big roadside hoardings.

Purpose and the intent of digital signage may depend on the business type and its target audience.

what is digital signage

For example:

Advertisers use digital form of signage in order to advertise, promote and influence their potential customer.

In airports, digital signages are used for displaying information about arrival and departure time of flights.

In restaurants it is used for displaying menu listings and price. Digital signage is also used for internal communication intended for employees or visitors within an organization.

That exactly is digital signage!

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