Digital Discount Coupon on Signage Display

Personalized and dynamic coupon. Scan QR code on display and get digital coupon on Mobile

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  • Define and launch discount coupon in real time
  • Option to configure discount type & parameters
  • Randomize the coupon assignment
  • Scan QR code displayed and get the digital coupon on mobile.
  • Console to Monitor and Redeem coupon code
  • Engaging signage contents along with coupon QR code

How it works?

Define Discount Scheme

Configure the Discount Type, “Fixed” or “Random”. Also, set if the discount should be set for all users who scan the QR code or for a fixed number of users.

Publish Coupon

Publish coupon through the composition and scheduling feature of Pickcel. Time period of the digital coupon expiry can be managed by setting the schedule period.

publish coupon
Engage customers

Engage Customers

Along with displaying QR code on the digital signage screen, promotional and informative contents can be displayed to engage viewers.

Customize Mobile Page

Engaging promotional contents can also be added on the mobile interface page. User actions such as downloading app, visiting website or getting customer information can be added.

Customize Mobile Page

Monitor Redemptions

Decide the validity of coupons based on your composition schedule and limit the number of redemptions. Track the number of scans along with the status as redeemed or open.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital discount coupons are the coupons received on mobile phones to get offers or discounts. This can be redeemed showing the coupon code at the cash counter.

Customers have to scan the QR code appearing on the digital display to get a discount coupon on his/her mobile.

Firstly, you have to ensure that digital coupon app is enabled for you in apps section of Pickcel digital signage. If not, you can contact Pickcel to get this enabled. Once a digital coupon app is enabled, you can create a composition and add this app to the composition. There are various setting parameters for defining the discount.

Discount type is the parameter which defines the discount as fixed or variable in terms of amount or percentage.

Choose “Fixed” if you want a fixed discount for all your customers. E.g. $5 discount or 5% discount for all customers who show the scanned discount coupon at the cash counter.

Choose “Random” if you want variable discounts to be given to your customers. E.g Discount varies between $5 -$10. Customers will get discounts between $5 to $10.

Set “Discount for” parameter to limit the number of discount coupons. Discounts can be defined for all users or a limited number of customers out of maximum scans.

If the discount is defined as “All” users, every user who scans the QR code will get a discount coupon. E.g if Discount For is set as “All” and $5 Fixed discount is set, all user scan will get a $5 discount coupon.

If the discount is defined as “Limited”, a fixed number of user scans will get the discount coupons. Users chosen in this case will be randomized out of the maximum number of user scans defined. E.g. If the discount is set as $5 Fixed for 10 users out of maximum 100 user scans, then randomly 10 users will be selected out of maximum 100 user scans.

You can check the coupon code in the console and validate the same with the coupon shown by the customer on his/her mobile.

Coupons are valid for one day. New QR code is generated for specific displays each day.

Customers can show the digital coupon appearing after the QR code scan at the cash counter. Person in the cash counter can verify the coupon code by validating the same in Pickcel Digital coupon console and mark it as redeemed.

You can design your composition by adding images, videos, news or social media contents as it is done for designing the composition for generic signage along with QR code.

Pickcel provides few options like adding a brand logo on the mobile interface page. We can further take requests to add contents/actions as customization.

Yes, we can customize the logic and flow as per your requirement.

Yes, we can integrate it with your billing/invoicing software provided your system has the capability of interfacing.

No, this is a paid app. Contact our sales team to know more about the pricing of this app.

You need to get at least one licence of digital signage for using this app. You can contact the sales team for further discussion.