Transportation Digital Signage Software Solutions for Airports, Bus, Trains & Subway Stations

Pickcel Digital signage support various industry signage functions. Customized signage solutions can be built to suit the requirement.

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Benefits of Digital Signage in Transportation

Accurate information

Provide arrival, departure, cancellations and time delay information to the passengers instantly. Whether they are in airports, bus stations or Railway stations, make the passengers comfortable by updating them with the real time information. Show current location of the vehicle in real time by integrating with Automatic Vehicle Location System.


Influence the purchase decisions of the traveller while they are travelling. Grab their attention by showing compelling hyper local advertising. Generate revenue from the ads published by the advertiser. Promote tourism by showing exciting places to visit.


Guide the travellers, staffs and customers to waiting rooms, ticketing counters, restaurants, parking areas, stores and other places without human interaction.


Generate a revenue by showing specific advertisements sponsored by advertisers. Show advertisements in bus, train and other stations where people are commuting.

Provide Safety

Ensure the safety of the travellers by showing emergency alerts, weather forecast, safety guidelines, and other environmental information. Reduce losses due to improper driving by showing driving instructions

Enrich travelling experience - Welcome boards

Create great travelling experience by providing quick and right information to the travellers instantly. Show entertaining stuffs to the long-distance travellers to make them entertained

Uses of Digital Signage in Transportation Industry


Information Display Systems

Whether in airports or railway stations or bus stations; Inform the passengers/travellers/commuters and keep them well informed and updated about the arrival, departure and schedules with digital signage displays in multiple areas.


Wayfinding Maps

Show directional maps to inform the passengers/travellers about the parking lots, hotels, terminals and platforms etc. Inform the passengers anywhere from the world without any language/communication barriers using attractive visuals, Icons & signs.


Revenue Generation from Ads

Generate additional revenue stream of income from publishing itmed & location specific advertisements from vendors and others along while entertaining the passengers/travellers with fun and educational content.


Visual Emergency Announcements

Update and keep the passengers/travellers well informed and ensure their safety by publishing visual emergency alerts, safety instructions, weather forecast and other environmental information by integrating the emergency systems with the digital signage network.


Real Time Vehicle Location System

Notify the arrival and departure vehicles in real time by integrating Automatic Vehicle Location System with the digital signage network. Publish the distance estimation of the bus or train from the station With vehicle tracking technology.


On-Vehicle Display Management

Publish Entertainment and educational contents along with advertisements to the passengers while they are on the move by publishing on the digital signage displays on public and private transports from the cloud.

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