Digital Signage Solutions India, Case Studies

Large FMCG Organization - Attracting audience with effective captive advertising.

Problem / Challenges

Large FMCG Organization wanted to show effective advertisements to capture the attention of audience and assess the impact on sales across multiple locations.


Pickcel digital signage solutions was implemented for captive advertising network across 1500 small stores comprising of grocery & medical stores in 6 cities across India(Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Hyderabad). Displays were placed strategically to ensure maximum visibility and influence customers buying decisions

Display devices were dynamically grouped based on tags such as location, city and store type. Campaigns were published programmatically based on these tags. As per the display tags, specific creatives for the campaigns were published on the displays on a real-time basis.

The displays screens & signage devices placed on all stores across 6 cities were managed, monitored and published remotely from Bangalore.

Comprehensive dashboard for monitoring was introduced to track downtime, network connectivity and content synchronization. City-wise operational reports covering up-time and network connectivity were generated on a daily basis, which was sent to designated stakeholders automatically through email. Alerts were configured to take care of any emergency situations like display downtime more than 48 hrs.

City and store wise impressions and related campaign analytics were also captured in dashboard along with exhaustive reporting for monitoring business functions.


NEC India - Public Information System Deployment

Nippon Electric Company - NEC India Pvt Ltd is a Japanese Multinational Company having its operations in India.

Problem / Challenges

Integration of Public Information System (PIS) with third party AVLS system and display bus arrival time for Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS) projects at Ahmedabad, Hubli & Dharwad. Along with bus arrival information, PIS should be capable of displaying notices & advertisement.


Pickcel collaborated with NEC for providing PIS solution in BRTS Ahmedabad & Hubli/Dharwad. Pickcel has integrated with AVLS system to get the GPS information and accordingly publishes real time bus schedule. Same infrastructure is leveraged for imparting advertisement and other information in bus stations. Currently, 450+ PIS displays are implemented in both the locations.

By integrating with AVLS, information such as expected or scheduled arrival time of buses, route number, destination, bus numbers, door etc are also shown to the passengers on real time basis. One of the hallmark of this project is maintaining a latency of max 2 seconds. What it means is Pickcel PIS is able to get the information from AVLS, massage it and distribute the information on a specific display within 2 seconds of actual bus schedule. Most of the time it is almost real-time!

Pickcel also built a capability to display emergency messaging, important public notifications and visually appealing advertisements along with the bus information. All informations displayed on PIS screens supports multilingual. Currently, informations are shown in three languages which included the local language along with hindi and english.

A comprehensive admin module is developed for configurations, monitoring and maintenance of PIS solution. PIS was also integrated with IMS system for generating alerts and monitoring purpose. Provision for remotely troubleshooting the devices solves lots of operational and logistical challenges.


Manipal Hospitals - Marketing & Internal Communications

Manipal Hospitals is a large chain of hospitals having presence across India.

Problem / Challenge

Manipal Hospitals wanted to engage with on premise visitors by showing hospital information, health education & marketing contents across multiple city & branches.


Pickcel digital signage solutions has been currently implemented in various branches of Bengaluru & New Delhi Manipal Hospitals with 250 displays.

Display screens are placed on strategic locations such as receptions, visitor and patient waiting rooms, Lounges, Cafeterias, Outpatient Departments, Break rooms of staffs & nurses, etc.

For marketing promotion & branding, Contents such as hospital facilities, available treatments,counter informations, queue management, upcoming events, medical campaigns, offers, Important notices, health check-up schedules, Doctor’s information, public awareness contents, safety precautions and educational contents are published on the screens across all the displays.

The patients along with visitor were informed, entertained as well as educated by the visual contents displayed on the screens.

For Internal communications, informations such as medical training, hospital guidelines, security procedures, rules to follow, work & medical ethics, new treatments are displayed.

This has immensely helped the hospital in disseminating important information among in premise visitors, brand building and also keep them engaged.


Hindustan Unilever Limited


The internal communication team at the Bangalore office of a global FMCG organization was seeking to re-vitalise its internal communication platform. The challenge was their current delivery platforms which included e-mail, posters were getting stagnant.

Email communication was not catching enough attention and creation and distribution of poster was a time-consuming and painful process. The internal communication team wanted to explore video content as a means to engage employee but didn’t have a medium to distribute it.


During that time, Pickcel approached their IT team to test drive Pickcel’s new and innovative content delivery solution through their Cloud based digital signage platform. Our client started trial with three screens in their cafeteria. Training was given to the concerned person to manage the content and play it across the screens.Pickcel was received with great enthusiasm by their internal communication team.

Media rich communication contents were developed and published across screens that led to increased communication effectiveness. Within one months, all the screens on the premise were brought under the Pickcel umbrella. This inspired team leads and managers who until then were reluctant communicators to actively seek opportunities that enabled them and their team to be on air.

Today one rarely finds TV programs being broadcasted on any of the screens. Varied messages like leadership talks, internal branding, HR messages to birthday greetings are now being aired on the TV screens. Among employees one of biggest hit and is a matter of pride is to appear on a big video wall placed in a cafeteria. Employee of the month is displayed on those big displays. Other benefits gained by the client since using Pickcel are:

  • Programs like referrals is now more successful.
  • Increased awareness and participation in events such as trainings.
  • Reduction in food wastage at canteens.
  • More consistent branding within the premise.
  • Greet visitors with customised Video greetings.
  • Improved and more efficient usage of elevators.
  • Better security compliance by the employees.
International Airport India Case Study

Interactive Digital Signage Deployment at International Airport

Adoption and Implementation of Interactive Digital Signage Solution in Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Varanasi.


In Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti's Interpretation Centre at Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Varanasi a touch based interactive digital signage was required which would both have interactivity and unattended signage when not in use.


Pickcel digital signage solutions is implemented in windows-based kiosk machines to achieve unattended digital signage and touch based interactivity.

Kiosk machines installed in Varanasi airport is intended to provide interactive games like quiz, play videos, browse through information and take feedbacks. Regular digital signage contents are played which are centrally managed and scheduled on the kiosk when no users are interacting with the kiosk.

This is achieved through the URL app of Pickcel digital signage application. Interactive application is designed on HTML5 and is hosted in separate application. The URL of this application is then published on the URL app of Pickcel digital signage. Heavy content files comprising of videos and images are then locally cached in the kiosk machines so as to provide better performance and seamless experience.

This project is executed in association with National Informatics Center (Govt. of India). This was a POC project and similar project will be implemented in few other major airports in India.

Amazon India Case Study

Amazon - Retail In-Store Marketing Communication for Amazon Devices

Live advertising campaign and product promotions with discounts and offers on signage displays across India in small stores where Amazon has setup assisted buying (Ongoing).


Amazon devices team which deals with Kindle, Echo and Fire TV stick had a huge logistical challenge of rolling out offers, discounts & product launch campaigns across their outlets which has presence in PAN India.

They were primarily driving the campaigns through static signage content. This has to be designed, manufactured and transported which was contributing towards delay and cost overrun.

Amazon have installed digital displays on those outlets. However, in those screen digital contents were distributed through USB drive. Distributing digital contents through USB has added more complexity primarily in terms of transparency and timely update.


Pickcel digital signage solution is implemented on Amazon devices outlets within a span of 7 days. With Pickcel digital signage platform, the advertisement campaigns, product offers and product launches can be rolled out across PAN India location within minutes. This has resulted in drastically reducing turnaround time and cost.

Also, based on the campaign efficacy, the contents can be changed in almost real-time. Now, the contents across all digital signage displays can be managed centrally. This has ensured no human dependency in manually changing the contents through USB.

Through Pickcel CMS dashboard, a bird’s eye view of all displays can be shown with their real time connectivity and sync status.

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