Features of Digital Signage Software for Effective Visual Communication

Key Features

Display Management

  • Supports displays of any size, resolution and orientation
  • Quick and very easy registration process
  • Manage display properties and tag them for easy search and schedule
  • Remotely manage and troubleshooting option like clear cache, app reboot & live screenshot
  • Monitor and manage device uptime and connectivity
Remote Management

Asset Management

  • Provision to upload single or multiple image or videos
  • Supported image formats - JPEG, GIF and PNG (with transperency)
  • Supported Video formats - mp4, avi, mkv
  • Supports 4K resolution and videos of any aspect ratio including landscape and potrait


  • Get real-time, relevant and informative contents with Pickcel digital signage Apps.
  • Apps ranges from news feed, social feeds, presentation, weather, communication, collaboration etc
  • Specific apps available in multilingual
  • Customization service available to create specific App to pull data from any system supporting REST API
Layout Designer

Layout and compositions

  • Design screen layout or choose from standard template
  • Editor to create any number of zone/partition within display area
  • Support any display size and display orientation
  • Easy options to create playlist/compostion as per the layout
  • Supports image, video and contents from apps


  • Calendar view with better and clear visibility for schedule management
  • Comprehensive options available for scheduling such as daily, weekly & monthly
  • Options to set your default schedule, when no contents are scheduled on the display
  • Schedule can be edited in terms of time/day and insertion/deletion of contents on a real-time basis.
  • Option to play urgent message which overrides the existing schedule


  • Supports reportings on display up time and network connectivity.
  • Exhaustive reporting on number of times and duration a content is played on each display
  • Download reports on excel for extracting further intelligence as per business needs
  • Customized reports can be generated as per business requirements

Supported Devices

  • Supports various signage player hardware OS which includes Android, Chorme OS, Linux, Windows, Amazon Fire TV based, LG WebOS and Samsung Tizen
  • Signage player software are easily accessible through Google playstore, Pickcel Website and other respective app stores
  • Easy to configure and register signage player with Pickcel signage cloud manager
  • Auto update of the signage player software. So, easy to maintain!
  • Several options available for easy sourcing of signage player hardware as per need

Other Features

user management

User Management

Manage users, assign roles and displays within an organization.


Group Management

Add display groups and assign users to manage the signage content.


Tag Management

Provides a fluid tagging mechanism to categorize, search and schedule.


Play in Sync

Play videos/compositions across a set of displays in sync.



Play your signage content along with Live TV input from DTH set top box.


Advertisement schedular

Advanced schedular option to manage advertisements.


Interactive signage

Supports interactive application such as feedback or digital brochure.


Works offline

Digital signage contents will keep on playing in absence of intenet connectivity.


Auto start

Just power on the signage device to start signage content without manual intervention.


API Integration

Integrate with any system supporting REST API to get or manage content on signage display.



Provides the scope of building customized signage application as per specific requirement.


Audience Measurement

Count and demographics of audience. Available as custom application on request.

On-premise Digital Signage solution

Pickcel can also be deployed at your datacenter or private cloud. To know more about it contact us.

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