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Display tweets on your signage display.


With this app you can display live tweets on your signage displays. You can get the tweets from any hash tag (#hash_tag) or twitter handle (@twitter_handle). To configure, enter hash tag or twitter handle for which you need to display the tweets in the setting of Pickcel's Twitter app.

How to configure and use Twitter Tweets App?


1 Goto "App Store" menu.

2 Click "+" button on the Twitter Tweets App

3 Authenticate your Twitter account by clicking "Login Twitter".


4 Enter a name of your choice in the “Name” textbox for identification.

app anme

5 Choose a search type (# hashtag / @ handle)


6 Enter the keyword starts with # or @


7 Set number of Tweets to be displayed.


8 Click "Preview" to check how it looks.


9 Click "Add" to include the Twitter Feeds App in the assets section.

Add app

10 Goto "/assets" menu and click "My Apps" to modify or manage the app.


11 Now you are ready to use this app as an asset to create a composition and schedule it.

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