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Add scroller to your signage display


With this app you can add scroller to your signage displays. You can set parameters like font color, background and scroller speed to customize your scroll. Type in your scroll text and set other configuration parameters to configure scroller app.

How to configure and use Scroller App?


1 Goto "App Store" menu.

2 Click "+" button on the Scroller App

3 Enter a name in the “Name” textbox for identification.

App name

4 Enter the text for scrolling in the “Text” textbox.

enter text

5 Set other parameters such as Text color, Style, Background color and Scroll speed. You can set scroll speed as “High”, “Medium” or “Low” based on your requirement.


6 Click "Add" to include the Scroller App in the “Assets” section.

Add app

7 Goto "/assets" menu and click "My Apps" to modify or manage the app.


8 Now you are ready to use this app as an asset to create a composition and schedule it.

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